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Nick Jul 2 '2022, 10:53 AM

Looking for a girl in Montreal for hush-hush affair

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Julia Aug 15, 4:01 PM

Hey everyone, and especially Nick,

You know those moments when you're wandering the vast digital landscapes of our beloved forum, and suddenly a username just... resonates? Well, that just happened. Nick, my keyboard and I had a moment; it's been typing your name in fancy fonts and doodling digital hearts all over my drafts. ??

Seriously though, amidst the gigabytes and terabytes, your posts have this magnetic charm. Fancy turning our online rendezvous into an epic comment-thread romance, Nick? Or at least a buddy comedy? 

Let’s chat, get lost in the threads, and make this forum our own romantic (or comedic) backdrop!

Waiting for our forum-tastic love story to begin, ❤️

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