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Love isn't just about the deep emotional stuff; sometimes, it's about the playful, sexy, and downright funny moments that only happen when she's head-over-heels. Here are ten signs that she's completely smitten:

1. She Laughs at Your Dad Jokes

Let's face it, not all your jokes are winners. But if she's in love, your "dad jokes" suddenly become comedy gold. She's not just laughing at your jokes; she's into your sense of humor.

2. Her Texts are Flirtier than a Romantic Comedy Lead

If her texts could be rated, they'd be a solid "flirty-13." From winky faces to playful innuendos, her texts are a delightful mix of funny and flirty.

3. She's Got a Nickname for Your... Ahem... 'Best Friend'

When she's given your manhood a cute or hilarious nickname, it's not just funny; it's her way of showing she's comfortable and playful about your intimacy.

4. She Plans Dates That End in 'Netflix and Chill'

She knows the way to a man's heart is sometimes through his Netflix queue. If she's planning cozy nights in with your favorite shows and that knowing look, it's a sign she's really into you (and your TV taste!).

5. Her Wardrobe Includes a 'Shirt of Yours'

It's a classic move: borrowing your shirt and somehow making it look 100 times better. It's her way of staying close to you, and let's be honest, it's pretty hot.

6. She Cooks... and It's Actually Edible

She tries to impress you with her culinary skills, even if her signature dish is spaghetti with a side of laughter. It's the effort that counts, and it's deliciously endearing.

7. She's Your Personal Cheerleader... in a Literal Outfit

She supports your dreams and sometimes even dons a cheerleader outfit for fun. It's goofy, sexy, and shows she's all in for team 'You'.

8. She Steals the Covers... and Then Makes it up to You

Bedtime becomes a playful tug-of-war for the covers. It's annoying but also a funny, intimate dance you both do.

9. Her Idea of Dressing Up Involves Your Fantasies

She's not afraid to dress up in that costume you joked about. Whether it's hilarious or sexy, it shows she's game for fun in your relationship.

10.She Invents New Cuddling Positions

Who knew there were so many ways to cuddle? Each new "invention" is a mix of comfort, laughter, and closeness that's unique to your relationship.


Remember, everyone has their own love language, and these points are just a playful take on the quirky, sexy, and funny side of love. What matters most is the connection and respect you share with your partner.


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