List of abbreviations and acronyms in the online dating world. from Nick's blog

Here's an list of abbreviations and acronyms that can be encountered in the online dating world,
including marriage affairs, sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships, and dating with benefits:

These are just a handful of the countless terms and abbreviations you might come across in the realm of online dating and relationships.
It's important to stay informed about these terms, but remember,

it's always okay to ask for clarity if someone uses a term you're unfamiliar with.

NSA - No Strings Attached
DDF - Drug and Disease Free
FWB - Friends With Benefits
SB - Sugar Baby
SD - Sugar Daddy
SM - Sugar Momma

LTR - Long Term Relationship
PPM - Pay Per Meet
SA - Seeking Arrangement

AP - Affair Partner
DADT - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
BHM - Big Handsome Man
BDSM - Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism
DL - Down Low
GSOH - Good Sense Of Humor
ISO - In Search Of
WLTM - Would Like To Meet
HWP - Height/Weight Proportional
W4M - Woman For Man
M4W - Man For Woman
M4M - Man For Man
W4W - Woman For Woman
Bi - Bisexual
GF - Girlfriend
BF - Boyfriend
TG - Transgender
TS - Transsexual
TV - Transvestite
SO - Significant Other
DTR - Define The Relationship
MB - Marriage Broker
MC - Missed Connections
RL - Real Life
SBF - Single Black Female
SBM - Single Black Male
SWF - Single White Female
SWM - Single White Male
WAA - Will Answer All
MWC - Married With Children
ND - Non-Drinker
NS - Non-Smoker
WP - Professional White
DBF - Divorced Black Female
DBM - Divorced Black Male
DWF - Divorced White Female
DWM - Divorced White Male
DOB - Date Of Birth
IRL - In Real Life
Ghosting - Ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.
CATFISH - Someone who creates a false online identity.
CUFFING - Selecting a partner for the colder months, who you then ignore come spring.
BREADCRUMBING - Leading someone on with non-committal but flirtatious messages.
ZOMBIEING - When an ex gets back in touch out of the blue.
ROACHING - When the person you're seeing is hiding the fact that they're dating around.
BENCHING - Keeping someone as a backup and keeping contact minimal.
MOONING - Silencing your mobile (or 'mooning') to ignore someone.
JELLY - To be jealous.
LAYBY - Someone still in a relationship but setting up a partner for when they become single.
TUNING - Flirting but not yet dating.
THRONING - Dating someone just to improve your personal profile or reputation.
HAUNTING - When someone who ghosted you in the past suddenly comes back into your life.
CASPERING - A friendly alternative to ghosting where an explanation is given before the end of the relationship.
STASHING - When you're in a relationship with someone but they hide you away from their friends and social media.
SUBMARINING - When someone who ghosted you pops back up into your life.
SLOW FADE - A less dramatic version of ghosting where contact gradually dies off.
CUSHIONING - Dating other people while you're in a relationship as a backup plan if your current relationship ends.
SHIPPED - Short for 'relationship'.
SO - Significant Other
STR - Short Term Relationship
R-BOMBED - When someone reads your message but doesn't respond.
KITTENFISH - Someone who presents themselves unrealistically on a dating app, they then turn out to be completely different IRL (In Real Life).
GHOSTEE - Person who gets ghosted.
E-FIT - When your social media posts and pictures are carefully curated so they serve as an online dating profile.
FBO - Facebook Official
IRL - In Real Life
MIA - Missing In Action
RAINCHECK - Postpone a date.
SITUATIONSHIP - A relationship that's not quite a romantic relationship but is definitely more than a platonic friendship.
DM - Direct Message
DTF - Down To (willing to proceed in a sexual way)
ELO Score - A rating of attractiveness, used by some dating apps.
FBO - Facebook Official
IRL - In Real Life
NRE - New Relationship Energy
Poly - Polyamorous
RL - Real Life
SLS - SwingLifeStyle
TOYBOY - A younger man dating an older woman.
COUGAR - An older woman dating a younger man.
FLAME - A current or former love interest.
ON AGAIN/OFF AGAIN - Inconsistent relationship status, breaking up and then getting back together multiple times.
SERENDIPIDATING - Putting off a date in the hope something better comes along.
MATING - Meeting someone for the first time.
CARDIO - Short for catching feelings.
SPOON - To cuddle.
WHEELING - The pre-dating phase, when one person is pursuing another.
LOVE BOMBING - When someone tries to control another individual with "bombs" brimming with "love" right from day one. It's manipulative and overwhelming.
MONKEYING - In the same vein as "on to the next," but with a more proactive approach. Rather than casually moving on from a failed relationship, you're getting a head start on the next.
STEALTHING - When a man secretly removes his condom mid-way through sexual intercourse.

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