Embracing New Relationship Models: The Rise of Polyamory and Its Impact on Modern Dating from Nick's blog

An exploration of how the Polyamory: Married & Dating TV show has contributed to a shift in societal norms and attitudes towards polyamorous relationships.

In recent years, society has witnessed a gradual shift in the way relationships are perceived and conducted. With the introduction of various TV shows and movies addressing unconventional relationship models, people are becoming more open to exploring different forms of love and intimacy. One such show that has gained significant attention is Polyamory: Married & Dating. The show, which first aired in 2012, has played a pivotal role in bringing polyamory to the mainstream and has helped many people understand the intricacies of this relationship model.

Understanding Polyamory:

Polyamory is a form of ethical non-monogamy, in which individuals can engage in multiple consensual, loving relationships simultaneously. It is founded on the principles of honesty, communication, and trust, and requires all parties involved to be aware and accepting of the situation.

The Impact of Polyamory: Married & Dating on Society:

1. Destigmatization of Non-Monogamous Relationships:
Polyamory: Married & Dating has been instrumental in dismantling the stigma associated with non-monogamous relationships. By showcasing the lives and struggles of polyamorous couples, the show has offered viewers a glimpse into the unique challenges and rewards of this relationship model. It has provided a platform for open discussions and facilitated a broader understanding of the diverse ways in which people can experience love and commitment.

2. Encouraging Open Communication and Consent:
The show has highlighted the importance of open communication and consent in maintaining healthy relationships. It emphasizes the need for ongoing dialogue and negotiation between partners to ensure everyone's needs and boundaries are respected. This fosters a culture of trust and transparency, which is not only beneficial for polyamorous relationships but also for monogamous ones.

3. Challenging Traditional Relationship Norms:
Polyamory: Married & Dating has contributed to a broader conversation around what constitutes a healthy and fulfilling relationship. By presenting alternative relationship models, the show challenges the idea that monogamy is the only valid way to build a loving and committed partnership. This has led to increased acceptance and curiosity about non-traditional relationships and has encouraged people to question societal norms and explore what works best for them.


The rise of polyamory, as exemplified by the popularity of Polyamory: Married & Dating, is indicative of a shift in societal attitudes towards relationships. People are becoming more open to exploring unconventional relationship models, and the principles of polyamory—open communication, trust, and consent—are being recognized as essential components of any healthy relationship. As society continues to evolve, it is essential to embrace these changes and learn from the experiences of others to foster a more inclusive and understanding environment for all forms of love.

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